2021 TDS Webinar Series | Timber Connections – The European Yield Model Explained | 7 October

Pierre Quenneville – University of Auckland – Thursday 7 October

Timber connections normally consist of metal fasteners that transfer shear loads through a combination of wood bearing and fastener yielding. The design method developed in Europe in the late 1940’s and identified as the European Yield Model (EYM) is very well suited to determine the behaviour and capacity of the connection for a range of timber densities and thicknesses, fastener diameter and stiffnesses. However, some basic understanding of the assumptions is needed to make sure that the theory applies for the problem to be solved.

The webinar will cover the basics of the EYM and its limitations, the load-displacement behaviour expected of the joints and some intricacies and possibilities for timber joint designs. Examples of joints using timber only or timber with steel will be provided. It will not cover the issue of brittle failures.

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