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Timber Design Software – v1.0

The NZ Timber Design Society Timber Design Software has recently been released.

The software is an initiative of the Timber Design Society, with sponsorship from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Timberlam Trust and Timber Design Society. Software development is by Cadmethods Ltd.

The purpose of the programme is to enable timber design of beams and columns for engineers.

Features include:

  • design of beams and columns with any number of supports.
  • flexible action placement, with ability to place point actions, UDLs and trapezoid actions at any location.
  • standard AS/NZS 1170 actions and combinations of actions are set up, but there is the ability to add further actions and combinations of actions.
  • ability to edit serviceability criteria and design factors.
  • instantaneous, spontaneous design of members.
  • graphical representation of actions, design action effect and design capacity.
  • timber materials currently supported include Radiata and Douglas Fir MSG and VSG grades, GL glulam grades, LVL grades (Hyspan, Hy90, Nelson Pine LVL), Hyne products (Edgebeam LGL and 17C).

The program is seen as a flexible platform for further development. The TDS would like the software to eventually be enhanced to enable design of connections and more complicated structures.

To purchase the software complete the online order form. For further information email

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