Design Aids

Table of Alternative Construction Timbers


AvailabilityAReadily available
BGenerally available
CLimited availability
DOnly small quantities available
EVery limited supply
Suitability for useFSuitable heart or treated
GSuitable treated
HSuitable treated
ISuitable heart
JNot suitable, or not usually used
Grades suitable for buildingKNo 1F and No 2F
MNo 1 and No 2 grading rules, unassigned strengths
NNo grading rules and no assigned strength
Grading suitable for engineering usesOGrading rules and strengths
PGrading rules and no assigned strength
QNo grading rules but assigned strengths
RNo grading rules and no assigned strength
Natural durability of heartwoodSPerishable (5 years)
TNon-durable (5-10 years)
UModerately durable (10-15 years)
VDurable (15-20 years)

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