Timber Design Society 2021 Series

Timber Design Society 2021 Series 1
Reinforcement of Timber Members | Presented by Daniel Moroder, 8th April 2021

Thank you to those who joined us for Daniel Moroder’s presentation in the Timber Design Society 2021 series. We hope you enjoyed the webinar. We would like to say a massive thanks to Daniel for sharing his time and knowledge, and an extended thank to those who helped organize the webinar.

Current advances in timber engineer are mostly due to the large availability of mass timber products and modern fastener systems. In addition to these, reinforcement of timber members around disturbed areas like notches, penetrations or complex member connections is allowing designers to push the limitations of timber.

These limitations, like low tensile and compression strength perpendicular to grain, can be overcome with the use of reinforcement like screws, rods or glued wooden panels. These measures can ensure an adequate and robust load path in complex timber designs, similar to rebars in concrete.

This webinar revisits basic timber properties to justify the need of reinforcement and provides an overview of typical design situations where additional design checks and potential reinforcement might be required. Different solutions will be discussed including their advantages and disadvantages. The presentation is based on the NZ Wood Guideline Chapter 12.6 ‘Reinforcement of Timber Members’ and will also include the derivations of some of the recommendations. Typical design situations with notches, joints loaded perpendicular to grain, penetrations, bearing reinforcement, shear reinforcement, moment resisting connections and joints with multiple fasteners will be discussed.