Long-Span Timber Buildings – A Review of Recent International Projects

Andrew Charleson, School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington and Nicolas Perez, PhD candidate, University of Canterbury

This review of recently constructed long-span timber buildings identifies a wide range of structural systems that utilize a relatively limited palette of timber materials. The paper intends to present designers with a range of contemporary timber structural systems and materials in order to develop their appreciation of what is being used and what is possible when designing long-span timber buildings. Based upon an extensive literature review, seventy-one buildings that are both contemporary and of long-span construction are categorized by structural system into four groups; portal frames, surface structures, arches and other structures. Most of the portal frames are located in New Zealand whereas the structures within the other three groups are located mainly in Europe. Selected structures within each group are briefly described in order to overview the state-of-the-art usage of long-span timber systems.

TDJ 17-4

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