Old growth: Our timber engineering heritage – A woolshed with nail-laminated portal frames

Hank Bier, Technical Editor

This copy of “Old Growth” coincides with Dr Bryan Walford’s retirement from Scion, the former FRI, and was written by Bryan Walford around the time of his graduation with a PhD 45 years ago. Note the caption for the photo. Bryan has contributed hugely to the development of the New Zealand Timber Engineering sector, through development of codes and standards based on years of Research and publication. Well done Bryan, and thanks from all of us.

Although a building code requiring farm buildings to meet certain minimum design criteria is nearing completion, most farm buildings are built with a minimum of design and a maximum o{ ingenuity. While maintaining the ingenuity but meeting design criteria (such as roof loadings, wind loadings, etc.) designers frequently resort to concrete and/or steel for the main structural items of the building. Thus farm buildings of reasonable size are beyond the capabilities of most farmers who, while adept in the use of timber, are usually unprepared to attempt to build a concrete or steel structure. A two-storey woolshed, built last year by its owner Mr G. T. Walford of Katikati and a carpenter, was professionally designed in timber and thus met the two requirements of safety and feasibility’ This wwoolshed incorporates a number of novel structural, constructional and layout features which will be dealt with in turn.

TDJ 19/3

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