Feasibility study of New Zealand radiata pine crosslaminated timber

Adrienne Fortune & Pierre Quenneville

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) as a structural system is used in increasing volumes in Europe, however this is not the case in New Zealand despite the large volume of timber available and CLT panels representing a lighter and greener alternative to precast concrete for walls and floors. This study aimed to establish the use of CLT in New Zealand using locally grown Radiata pine, laid crosswise into panels either three or five layers thick, 1000 mm wide x 4000 mm long and bonded using resorcinol adhesive. Panels were subjected to bending and stiffness testing out of plane to establish yield strength and modulus of elasticity. CLT panels were generally, but not always, stronger than their constituent boards with bending strengths ranging from 28 to 51 MPa. MOE results from this study ranged from 7.6 to 12 MPa. Bending strengths were predicted with various models, most accurately using those accounting for rolling shear.

TDJ 19/3

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