Comparison of Api, Rf and Muf Adhesives Using a Draft Australian/New Zealand Standard

Bryan Walford, Scion, Rotorua, New Zealand

Tests were done using MGP15 slash pine (i.e. non-standard) with an aqueous polymeric isocyanate (API), a resorcinol (RF) and a melamine-urea (MUF) adhesive to AS/NZS4364:2007 (Int), for hydrolytical stability, shear block strength, delamination and creep. The API was found to have a durability intermediate between that of the RF and the MUF adhesives. The draft standard needs to be improved by deletion of the hydrolytic test that involves water bath and oven treatment of specimens. The delamination test could also be deleted as it gives information that is essentially the same as the boil/freeze/dry shear block test. The creep test needs modification to prevent specimens buckling.

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