Case Studies of Glulam Manufactured in NZ since 1957

Ken A. McIntosh, Managing Director, McIntosh Timber Laminates Limited

Glue laminated structural timber beams (Glulam) have been designed and manufactured in New Zealand for
40 years. As the pioneering Company for Glulam in New Zealand we have investigated the present state of some of the Glulam components we have manufactured to ascertain their durability and structural integrity. Timber, adhesives, coatings, connections related to associated climatic conditions and on-site appearance are aspects of this investigation.

The resource of Radiata Pine and Douglas Fir grown in New Zealand since the 1930’s has provided suitable timbers while research and development by the Forest Research Institute of New Zealand has provided the necessary design data.

The development of the Timber Engineering of Architectural concepts coupled with the practicalities of correct manufacture, quality control and on-site erection procedures feature as important factors in the long term durability of Glulam. Specification of the timber should include strength, moisture content and treatment.

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