Shaking table testing of a multi-storey post-tensioned glulam building: preliminary experimental results

Felice Carlo Ponzo, Antonio Di Cesare, Domenico Nigro, Michele Simonetti, Tobias Smith, & Stefano Pampanin

This paper describes the results of preliminary shaking table testing performed on a post-tensioned glulam framed building in the structural laboratory of the University of Basilicata in Potenza, Italy. This experimental campaign is part of a series of experimental tests in collaboration with the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. The specimen is 3-dimensional, 3-storey, 2/3rd scale and is made up of post-tensioned timber frames in both directions. During the testing programme the specimen was tested with and without the addition of dissipative steel angle reinforcing which was designed to yield at a certain level of frame drift. These steel angles release energy through hysteresis during movement thus increasing damping. The specimen was subjected to a selection of natural earthquake records with increasing (as % of PGA) levels of seismic loading. This paper briefly discusses the testing set-up and then presents the result of the first phase of experimental testing with and without additional reinforcing.

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