Design of hollow timber round piles

Mark Batchelar, Michael Newcombe & John Reelick

This paper describes the development and application of a new timber piling system. The system incorporates a new
engineered wood product; the hollow timber round or MultiPole ©. The MultiPole exhibits a myriad of attributes such as enhanced durability, reduced shrinkage deformations, reduced processing time and cost. Crucially the removal of the core has led to new possibilities for piling. Water-jetting through the core, in combination with vibration, has been proven to enable easy driving in granular materials. Through a similar mechanism the tip of the piles can be encased with grout once they have reached a founding layer, enhancing end bearing capacity. The removal of the core also allows simple splice connections between individual lengths of MultiPole (up to 18 m long). The MutliPole piling system have been extensively developed and tested by TTT Products to allow implementation within the construction industry. Part of this process has been the development of design guides to determine the bending capacity of MultiPoles and MultPole splices. This design guide is the key focus of this paper.

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