Design Procedures for Wooden Transmission Poles

G B Walford, BE, PhD, FIPENZ Scientist, Forest Research, Rotorua, NZ

Design procedures for wooden transmission line poles are described in relation to the New Zealand Loadings Code, NZS 4203 [1] and the Timber Structures Code, NZS 3603 [2]. A system of pole classification based on typical design lateral wind loads on tops of poles and a method of production based on that classification are also described. The production method relies on proof testing to the design top load which is demonstrated to be a legitimate procedure under the Timber Structures Code. In view of the number of uncertainties and counteracting effects of the various features of wooden poles, the option of specifying poles that have been proof tested is strongly recommended as a means of optimally satisfying both the designer and the supplier.

Issue 2 Volume 9

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