In-grade Testing of Utility Poles in Australia

Amanda Horrigan B.E. Timber Research, Department of Primary Industry Queensland Keith Crews M.Eng (res)., B.E., AIWSc MIE(Aust) Faculty of Engineering, University of Technology Sydney, NSW Geoff Boughton Ph.D., M.Eng Sci, B.E., FIE(Aust) School of Civil Engineering, Curtin University, Perth WA

An extensive in-grade testing program for timber utility poles in Australia aims to test 1200 new poles and over 450 in-service poles to establish grading parameters for utility poles, characteristic strength values for round timber poles, and examine methods for determining residual strength of in-service poles. The project has yielded some preliminary results, which indicate that current design and grading rules are overly simplistic.

Issue 2 Volume 9

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