Flooring Fastening Performance and Floor Squeaking

Michael J Collins Forest Research, Rotorua, New Zealand

Squeaking and creaking floors are a continuing problem for strip and sheet flooring. Squeaking and creaking result from relative movement between components of the floor such as flooring and fastenings, one piece of flooring and another and framing members. A recent Forest Research project examined the effects of fastening systems and framing moisture content on the squeaking that arises from the interaction between the joist, flooring and flooring fasteners. Flooring fastening also affects joist stiffness through partial composite action. The study was funded by the Foundation for Research Science and Technology under its public good science fund and was restricted to particleboard flooring only. However the conclusions are probably also applicable to other less common sheet flooring materials such as plywood and MDF.

Issue 3 Volume 9

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