House Framing – Present and Future Durability Issues

Guy Cavanagh, Engineer – Marketing, Carter Holt Harvey, Innovision

Coming out of the present furore over leaking buildings is the issue of treated framing; the need for it and how much of it. The write up in the media is variously presented as a crisis, and/or a leaky building syndrome, depending on your part of the country. The NZ Herald from Auckland is the self-proclaimed discoverer/owner of the print issue and continues to reveal further shock/horror aspects.

From a timber viewpoint, the word rotting keeps coming back and with an implication that the treatment we used to have would have prevented that situation. Time has moved on. We will not be going back to the simple two option Boric/CCA treatments.

At the time of writing the situation has a number of possibilities and the way forward is not clear.

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