Predicting the fire performance of structural timber floors

James W. O’Neill, Anthony K. Abu, David M. Carradine, Peter J. Moss and Andrew H. Buchanan

This paper describes part of a larger research initiative to predict the fire resistance of engineered timber floor systems. The floor systems described in this paper are prefabricated modular joist and box beam floors, designed for multi-storey building use with spans of five to seven metres. The paper describes 3D numerical modelling of the floor systems using finite element software, carried out as a sequential thermo-mechanical analysis. Experimental furnace testing of these floors is also described, with the aim of validating the numerical modelling. General guidance is provided for users of advanced numerical methods to highlight the possible pitfalls and drawbacks of these methods, focussing on the nuances of modelling structural timber behaviour in fire conditions.

Vol. 23 Issue 1

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