Upcoming Changes for Structural Timber

Doug Gaunt ensis – the join forces of CSIRO and Forest Research

1. NZS3603 Timber Structures Standard

  • Design of larger timber structures
  • Used as a basis for NZS3604.
  • Contains design stresses & procedures

2. NZS3604 Timber Framed Buildings

  • Design of timber houses.
  • Based on No 1Framing (MoE = 8GPa).

3. NZS3622 Verification of Timber Properties

NZS3603 – Timber Structures

  • F – Grades deleted.
  • MSG 15, 12, 10, 8 & 6 added
  • Visual grade stresses for VSG10, VSG8, No1F Timber, (same as the MSG Grades).
  • A Lower Bound MoE added.
  • Shear & Compression Perpendicular strengths covered by note
  • Strength Properties lowered in comparison to MoE
  • Calls up NZS3622 – Verification

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