WCTE scholarships announcement

The WCTE Scholarship is an initiative presented by the Timber Design Society (TDS) and is open to early career professionals. Successful recipient(s) will receive financial assistance to go towards attendance at the 2023 World Conference on Timber Engineering (WCTE) in Norway.

The WCTE is the world’s premier scientific dissemination forum for presenting and discussing the latest technical and architectural developments and innovations in timber engineering and construction. WCTE 2023 is to be held in the capital of Norway, Oslo, on June 19th – 22nd 2023. More information regarding the conference can be found on the conference website

The scholarship aims to:
1. Provide an opportunity for early career professionals to grow their own skills and experience outside of business as usual.
2. Learn from world timber engineering leaders and promote this thinking for the benefit of
    the Timber Design Society and ultimately the NZ timber industry.

Applicants are required to put forward an initiative/idea/proposal aimed at increasing the
uptake of engineered timber in the construction industry and/or advance knowledge in
timber engineering. The scope (of submissions) is extremely broad. Submissions are invited which align to the selection criteria (see below). Individuals are invited to be creative in their thinking and to put forward ideas/initiatives that offer significant personal development to themselves whilst providing benefit to the Timber Design Society and the promotion of timber engineering in New Zealand.

Only one submission is permitted per individual.

Scholarship Value and Benefits
The winner of the 2023 WCTE Scholarship will receive:

  • Financial support of up to the value of $6,000 (NZD) to attend the 2023 World Conference on Timber Engineering in Norway, to cover travel, accommodation and registration costs. Bookings will be made on the recipients behalf by TDS
  • Complimentary membership of the NZ Timber Design Society for 1 year.
  • We encourage applicants to discuss their application with employers and the benefits to their company. We encourage employers to consider further assistance to the applicant, possibly in the form of additional study leave and/or cover for any financial travel and accommodation shortfall or similar.

The winner of the WCTE scholarship is required to submit a short article suitable for publication to the Timber Design Society journal, highlighting impressions and learning from the conference and technical tours.

All NZ-based early career professionals (up to 6 years experience) interested in timber
engineering are eligible to participate in the WCTE Scholarship.

  • Senior Engineers, Team Leaders or Managers.

Submission format
The following is required of all submissions:

Part One: The Submission Cover Sheet (to enable a fair and consistent review of all submissions, use template below).

Part Two: The Submission (the format is entirely at the discretion of the applicant but should be aligned to cover the selection criteria detailed below, max 2 pages) plus a single-page CV.

Selection Criteria
In order to provide process transparency and enable quality submissions, the selection criteria are as follows:

All proposals should be well considered and clearly:

  • Put forward an initiative/idea/proposal aimed at increasing the uptake of engineered timber in the construction industry and/or advance knowledge in timber engineering.
  • Demonstrate how the opportunity to attend the 2023 WCTE will provide significant personal growth and support this initiative/idea/proposal.
  • Offer value to the timber industry in New Zealand.

The judging panel will be made up of the following:

  • 3 members of the Timber Design Society Committee (to be confirmed).


28 Feb 2023: Submissions close;

Beginning of March 2023: The announcement of the scholarship recipient(s) will be made

19-22 June 2023  WCTE 2023 Conference, Oslo, Norway

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