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Student research scholarship

The New Zealand Timber Design Society (TDS) is happy to offer up to two research scholarships for students actively involved with timber engineering and research. Successful recipient(s) will receive financial assistance ($3,000) to undertake research in any field related to timber design in any New Zealand tertiary institution. With the International Conference on Timber Bridges (ICTB) being held in Rotorua in 2025, special consideration will be given to research topics related to timber bridges. We would encourage successful scholarship recipients to submit an abstract to the ICTB.


A condition of the scholarship is that at the end of the term, the recipient shall produce an original publication relating to the research undertaken, suitable for publishing in the Society’s journal. This publication shall be written specifically for the TDS journal and not published anywhere else. An exception to this is if the research is presented at the ICTB, the publication that is submitted to TDS can be the same paper that is submitted to the ICTB.


All senior undergraduate and post-graduate students with research projects relating to timber design from any New Zealand tertiary institution are welcome to apply. Scholarships will be awarded only if both the student and the subject of study are deemed to be of sufficient merit.



The following documents are required for the application:

  1. A one page summary CV

  2. Description of Research: on less than one page, provide a summary of the proposed research and how the project promotes timber in design.

  3. Motivation: on less than one page, describe the potential impact of the grant on your career in relation to timber design. What would this scholarship allow you to do that you would not be able to without it?

  4. Do you intend to submit an abstract of your research to the ICTB?


Applicants must send their applications via email to The deadline for submission is 14 June 2024. Applications will be assessed as received. Applicants will be notified about the outcome within 14 days from the deadline.

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